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Una Nueva Foto de un Amic Around the World

Aquí tenemos al Amic Nacho, o sea, a mí, en su reciente viaje a París. Podemos ver detrás la pirámide de Cristal que se encuentra en el Museo del Louvre parisino.

Un saludo ;)

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Comment by Amic Andreu on October 19, 2007 at 7:24pm
NO se puso la camista .
Tienes que volver al mismo sitio y hacerte la foto .


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Send a picture aroundtheword with the Hola Amic T-shirt .

The idea I took from my Amic Albert Barra is placing all our AMICS in a Google MAP with the location of every member or travel . Our goal is covering all the planet , so an AMIC in every country of the world and also in the International centre of NASA . Try this link to see result .


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